James maroney


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William M. Bulger: A Profile in Political Power

A humanizing portrait of the colorful politician William M. Bulger, one of New England’s most powerful politicians.  Set in South Boston, a neighborhood known for ward bosses and political machines, the documentary chronicles Bulger’s years as legislator, President of the State Senate and President of the University of Massachusetts. The documentary offers a unique view of Bulger and highlights his skillful use of political power, including the power of humor.

President Bulger invited us into his home to capture a candid perspective of his life. Our cameras followed him around the State House and various locations throughout Boston as he reflected on his long career in public service. James Maroney and John Burke, who received his Master’s Degree in Political Science from Suffolk University for this project, were given exclusive access to Bulger’s personal archives, including video from the legendary Saint Patrick’s Day Breakfasts (a political roast), which Bulger hosted for more than 20 years.

William M. Bulger